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Artwork by local Ann Arbor artist Kristen Tranchida. 

Artwork by local Ann Arbor artist Kristen Tranchida. 




Calling all creatives, artists, film makers, musicians, art lovers, art appreciators, art funders, art supporters, Ann Arborites…the art scene needs you!

I have a dream for a project space in Ann Arbor that fosters creativity. New ideas. New innovations. A place where artists have a studio space to make their masterpieces, where musicians have a place to practice, where innovative film media can be shown and talked about, where photographers can develop their photos, where performance art can be performed, where ideas can be discussed. An artist collaborative.

Together we can shake up the art scene in Ann Arbor. It needs a revolution. They are already doing this in New York, Washington DC, Seattle, Chicago. I went to DC and visited an art space. I saw the artist making her art and was able to talk to her while she was painting and then buy a piece. How incredible. How innovative.

A typical visit to a museum or gallery: you walk around the space and view the exhibit.  Did it change you? Did you feel something? Did you talk about it? Was it thought provoking? It’s rare. Most times when I attend an exhibit at a museum, no one is talking, no one is sharing. Let’s get some ideas flowing. Let’s start a revolution. Let’s start an artist collaborative. In Ann Arbor. 

Here’s where you come in: We need funders and people who are passionate about this idea. Did you know that Kickstarter is funding more art projects than the National Endowment for the Arts? How crazy is that? It means that people and communities are taking the responsibility for creating culture in their own hands. We can do it, Ann Arbor.  Do you want to be involved?

Get in touch. Email popupa2@gmail[.]com. 

**P.S. I know you are out there. How many people have I talked to in the past months where this same sentiment has been expressed to me? I’m writing this post for you. Let’s all work together and make it a reality.